Friday, October 24, 2008

My Hair

It finally happened. My hair is now dyed brown. Here are some pictures from this afternoon:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello, again, everyone!

I recently finished a book that Siltur recommended to me called Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. It is very good, well-written, and I recommend it to the entire family. You would all enjoy some of the things it brings up.

My fish is still alive!

Before my blog crashed, I wrote a short post about my new job. Since none of you got to read it before my blog died, I'll reitterate a little bit. I work as something like a telemarketer, calling people and talking to them to see if they qualify for a self-help program. Unlike working as a normal telemarketer, most of the people I call actually want to talk to me. It's a fun job with a friendly, encouraging work environment that pays well. I'm really happy with my job. Posters with a variety of positive affirmations cover the walls of the offices. The wall next to my desk has one that says "Sales come easy. I am a money magnet!" Behind me is "Positive energy is abundant in my life. Scarcity is an illusion." How wonderful that I get to work here!

After two months of being missing, my cell phone has been found. Saturday night the Library called my parents and said they had my phone in the lost and found. I was nowhere near the library when it was lost!

I love you all very much! Hope to see you all soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Savior's Love

It seems that even if I don't manage to blog once a day, at least my fish is getting fed.

Yesterday, in Institute, we were asked to just write a little bit of how we feel about the Savior. This is what I wrote:

My Eldest Brother
I am overwhelmed by the loving, encircling arms of my beloved Eldest Brother, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is a friend to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on and a God to heal my wounds with his own blood spilt in the Garden for me. My Brother knows me better than anyone else ever could, knows my pains and my joys.

2 Nephi 19:21 "...his hand is stretched out still."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


In honor of the up-coming holiday, here is my post from last year's Halloween!

Halloween was super fun! JC3 (the honors hall I live on) had elementary students come trick or treating to all the dorm rooms. Honors even provided the candy so I didn't have to go buy Halloween candy! Wednesday afternoon was spent decorating the hall and finding costumes for the two girls who hadn't gotten one yet (A DI/walmart run firmly established their identities as a zombie and a punk rocker).

From six to eight we had small children coming through our hall for candy (and some not so small. The boys on the floor below found out what we were doing). Not nearly as many kids came as were planned for, so there is now a huge surplus of candy on JC3. And a girl from the school paper came and video taped the kids and interviewed me for video to put on the paper's website. When I figure out where that is, I'll let you guys know so that you can see.
The flow of children abated, and some of the girls decided to go out and party with some guys they just met. I'm glad they picked good guys that turned out to be really awesome, and that Whit-dog knew a friend of theirs, Joe. More about their adventures later.

Most of us stayed home. Some went to bed (I know, on Halloween) but a group of us watched Van Helsing. The hallway lights in the dorms are supposed to be on at all times, and there is no light switch, so we were having problems seeing the screen (a lot of Van Helsing takes place at night for some reason). So I, brilliant Honors student that I am, went and found the circuit box (words fail me, I can't remember what it's really called...) and turned off the hall lights. I hope none of the other RAs ever read my blog or our JC3 RA could get in trouble for letting me. We had to turn the lights back on for a few minutes when the on-call RA came through to lock up the building for the night. It was crazy fun being such a rebel.

The movie ended and The Phantom left. (He'd been there the whole time. Siltur asked him to hand out candy from her room when she had to leave for a while). We stayed up for a while talking and joking. Rowanoak and Siltur yelled at each other in foreign languages for a while (they claim it was Japanese) and we basically just had fun. At about a quarter after midnight the girls who had gone out with the strange boys came back with a story I'm sure they'll be telling their children to scare them...or something.

There were three boys and six girls in the group. All of the girls were from JC3 and knew each other, and Whit-dog knew Joe, a friend of these boys. Joe was supposedly going to meet up with the group later. Anyway, they went to one of the boy's house and watched a scary movie, Disturbia. It doesn't really matter what it was about, just that all the girls were freaked out. They then decided to go to the sheep tunnel. I had heard rumor of the sheep tunnel from a Panguitchian friend, so I knew where they were. The sheep tunnels go underneath the street in front of Wal-Mart, a quarter of a mile, eight feet tall, with grates in the roof about every thirty feet. It was almost midnight, pitch black, and since they had just decided to go, they had one keychain LED light and their cellphones. I'm told that the mud was also ankle deep. The girls' jeans definitely proved this one.

Anyway, the little group set off down the sheep tunnel. Those guys were smart; the girl:guy ratio was 2:1. And these girls had just seen a scary movie and were walking down a dark tunnel. Liybie held the little keychain light and walked in front. Whit-dog and Ash were in back with their boy sqeezed between them. According to Whit-dog and Ash, at about the third grate they heard someone above them swearing. At the next grate they heard the same voice say, "Hello, children." and at the next one they heard, "****! The cops are coming!" T-bird had pulled her back muscles earlier in her ballroom dance class, and she was starting to have some trouble keeping up. One of the guys, gentleman that he was, noticed and asked her if she wanted a piggy-back ride. She nodded and he picked her up.

It was not half a minute after EMT began carrying T-bird that a figure appeared in front of the group. They heard a super-creepy voice say "Hello, my little children." All the girls screamed and ran back the way they had come, except for T-bird, who was still being carried by EMT. EMT said, "Don't worry, T-bird. It's just Joe. We got him to come scare you girls."

Then the other boy who hadn't run with the other girls said, "Dude, that's not Joe."
As soon as the boys realized the the creepy approaching figure was not their friend, EMT set T-bird down on the ground and told her to run. EMT and the other boy stayed behind T-bird and the other girls the whole way out of the tunnel. As soon as they got out, they climbed into the cars and locked the doors. It only took a few minutes before one of the boys said, "Guys, we should find out if Joe's okay." So, the truck and the little passenger car set off toward the other end of the tunnel. Unfortunatly, before they got there red and blue lights were flashing behind them. They pulled over to the side of the road. and were instantly surrounded by a half-dozen cop cars. Among the usual questions, the cops asked if they had been drinking. I can see why the officer would ask that; Liybie had changed out of her costume but still had smudges of black around her eyes and ratted zombie hair, and W-wen's hair was streaked red and purple. After telling the officers that they had been in the sheep tunnel, the officers relaxed. Apparently, while the group had been in the tunnel, there had been a burglary in one of the stores right next to the tunnel. The reported vehicles had been a large truck and a little passenger car, just like what my friends were in.
After that, they drove back to the house they had watched the movie at. As they walked in the house, the boys started laughing. They said, "We scared you good! That really was Joe!"

This reassured the girls. They laughed and had the boys bring them home to JC3. But Whit-dog called Joe on her cellphone to congratulate him on scaring them so bad, and he was completely baffled. He said he'd been home all night and had his mom back him up. Also, T-bird assured us that EMT had been genuinely frightened down in the tunnel and had actually pulled a knife on the guy (sorry, forgot that detail.)

After sharing this creepy adventure with those of us who had stayed at the dorms, we all were a little freaked out and decided to freak each other out even more by telling scary stories. This led to a very in-depth disscussion about spiritual protection and spiritual gifts. Holy sardines, Batman, there are some spiritual giants in JC3. It seems almost all of us felt spiritually prompted to come to college here, and almost all of us are very receptive to spiritual promptings and revelation. Wow! I feel very privileged to be among this group of amazing girls.

After all of that, I helped T-bird take care of her back. (thank you again, dreampacker. those essential oils rock!) and then went to bed. We'd stayed up until four in the morning.

And we could still function the next day in our classes. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Technically, it's still Monday, so I haven't yet broken my goal of posting once a day.

However, I am too tired to do much more than silently rant about how much I'm starting to like photo-manipulation. I made my own desktop background. I need to cite my sources for the stock photos (will be done tomorrow) But for now, just enjoy. This is it:

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spent Conference Sunday in St.George. Enjoyed watching Slipper and the Rose last night. Enjoyed Conference. Missed Sunday afternoon nap. Didn't even nap in car. Now too tired to type in complete sentences. Sunday evening nap, now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


That's what I get for trying to mess with my poor blog template. After these last couple of days of waging vicious war with many casualites, mostly on my side, my blog finally gave up the ghost. I am now starting over. Don't worry too much; I tried to salvage some of my favorite past blog posts, but I couldn't get any of the comments on it. (Sadness!) So I will see if I can get my favorite posts back up and running. Anywhos, I will, from now on, be using my trusty dusty phone alarm to remind me to write.

Speaking of which, it woke me up on time for work this morning! I was very glad, since I was worried I would sleep through it after being desensitized. It still works, though! Happiness! I like my job lots, by the way.

I love you all!