Friday, February 5, 2010

Shematite's Chicken Avacado Quesadillas!

I made up a recipe tonight!

2 chicken breasts
Cook them in a frying pan with:
1 Tbps Olive oil
Some lemon juice (keep adding more as it cooks)

Season with:
a dash of garlic salt
a dash of dried cilantro
a few dashes of chili powder
salt and pepper

Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces, then return to frying pan to finish cooking. Add more lemon juice and chili powder. Remove from heat.

In a separate frying pan or other cooking apparatus, on medium heat place a tortilla (the uncooked tortillas are extra yummy!) and cover one half in shredded cheese of your choice. We tried cheddar and mozzarella and both were great. Quickly add in a few pieces of the chicken, sliced avacado, and some fresh cilantro. Add more cheese and fold over tortilla in half. Cook until cheese is melted, then serve with fresh salsa of your choice. Bon Appetite!