Monday, May 17, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Desertbound tagged me to post lyrics, sound clip or video of a favorite song. Since I couldn't choose a single favorite song, I chose my two mentally balancing songs.

Firstly, This Too Shall Pass by OK Go serves as my anti-depressant song, with meaningful lyrics and a wicked awesome video filmed with the Notre Dame marching band. Embedding has been disabled for the video, so I'm afraid you actually have to click on the link;)

Secondly is considerably different from the sort of music I usually listen to, but 'Libera me' From Hell serves as a fantastic anti-anxiety song for me. It never occurred to me that one could successfully combine Latin classical music with rap, and yet someone has done it.

Well, that's it for me, for now. I'm supposed to tag someone else to post a song. Can I double-tag Scout even though she's already been tagged? If not...Wildbound.